Carlo Iyog


Denver, Colorado






3,100 sq ft


  • Desks in a row make working together easy and fun. Desks move from sitting to standing position with the push of a button.

  • We take advantage of eating together every chance we get. This table and window seat makes it a comfy place to stay and chat.

  • Couches in the lounge area are often used for laid back work time, as well as after hours drinks and games.

  • Our fully-stocked kitchen keeps brains and bellies full.

  • We do our best to make coming to work easy and enjoyable. Part of that is providing protein, sweets and plenty of fluids.

  • Our robot, Ralph, welcomes you into thoughtbot Denver.

  • We’re proud of our team and we like to show off how much fun we have together.

  • Need a break? Get cozy in one of our phone booths with a bean bag chair.

  • Our phone booths are setup for intra-office meetings across the country. They’re soundproofed with cork tiles and extra carpeting.

  • Lots of natural light keeps everyone awake.

  • Sean Doyle working hard building something new to amaze us all.

  • This is a typical landscape of our office. Employees from one of our other thoughtbot offices will often come by to work and play.

  • Our drinks fridge is always full and ready for employees, clients, and friends.

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