Brooklyn, New York City






5,000 sq ft


  • We are growing fast. The team in the New York office doubled last year, and has already doubled again in the 6 months since we moved in. from 3 to 6, and has doubled again this year. We needed an office big enough to accommodate growth over the next 5 years, without seeming empty while the team is still relatively small. We work very closely with the California Co-Headquarter, so we have lots of simultaneous conference calls. So while we wanted to keep the office open plan, we needed to create different areas and meeting spaces to facilitate this.

  • An over scaled view of the 59th Street Bridge all along one wall, in a classic mid-century, New York industrial loft building, provided the design direction for the new offices for Ultra Mobile East Coast headquarters.  Like the bridge that connects Manhattan to Long Island City, Ultra Mobile provides the ability for people to call their friends, family and associates in far off places, so this spot seemed a fitting place for their growing staff.

  • The choice to expose and uplight the existing wood beam and column structure as ornament, and to maintain an open plan office layout except for communal meeting spaces, further enhanced the sense of working in a gently repurposed space that once served as a manufacturing facility.

  • A few very modern touches, such as walls of clear glass, strikingly modern lights and furniture, a wide swath of purple carpet and a glossy eggplant finish on the concrete floor, were inserted into the existing space as delicate counterpoints to the existing elements.

  • Overall, the space has a quiet, calm sense of harmony that results from the interplay between the opposite styles that come together as one unique whole.

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